QOTSA’s Josh Homme on ‘fantastic terms’ with Nick Oliveri

According to Homme the ex-bandmates have been friendly for years

Josh Homme has said that he is on great terms with his former Queens Of The Stone Age bandmate Nick Oliveri.

The frontman’s declaration comes despite him turning down a recent request from the bassist to rejoin the band for a live show.

Speaking to Q, Homme revealed that the pair have been friendly “since a couple of months” after Oliveri was ousted from the band in 2004.


“I just forgot to tell all the rest of you people [the public] because you’re on my Christmas list but I misplaced my bottle of Got-to-give-a-shit-what-everyone-else-thinks-about-stuff, you know?” he said.

He added: “When it comes to who’s in my ‘friends box’, everyone’s so behind.”

Oliveri is currently touring the UK as part of a reformed Kyuss, who are performing without original member Homme under the name Kyuss Lives!.

The band play London’s HMV Forum tonight (April 2) and tomorrow (3).

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