Nick Oliveri: ‘Josh Homme turned down my QOTSA reunion request’

Bassist says he and Homme are on good terms, though

Nick Oliveri has said that Josh Homme recently turned down a request from him to to re-join Queens Of The Stone Age on stage.

The bassist said that he and Homme speak regularly, but there is no possibility of them playing together as Queens Of The Stone Age again.

Oliveri left the band in 2004.

He told that he approached Homme at a benefit show and asked if he could play a song with the band, but Homme said no.

“I saw them [Queens Of The Stone Age] play in LA,” he said. “I was down there and I mentioned to them, ‘Why don’t I come up and do ‘Millionaire’ or something, and sing it and not play bass?’ He [Homme] was like, ‘Nah, I don’t think that’s a good idea yet’.”

The bassist added that he has recorded in Homme‘s studio since he left the band, and that he was on good terms with his former bandmate.

Oliveri is currently touring the UK as part of a reformed Kyuss, who are performing without original member Homme under the name Kyuss Lives!.