Josh Homme speaks about producing Arctic Monkeys and Biffy Clyro

Queens man says working with Arctic Monkeys 'was great'

Josh Homme has spoken about his role as producer with the Arctic Monkeys.

As has been widely rumoured, the Queens Of The Stone Age frontman has been working with the band for sessions that may end up on their third album.

Appearing as a special guest on Biffy Clyro’s BBC Radio 1 takeover last night (January 16), Homme confirmed the news. Asked whether he had managed to “beat Sheffield out of them yet,” he admitted. “Oh man, it was great. We spent most of the time in Joshua Tree and it was really cool to be present and watch them go nuts.”

Biffy Clyro singer Simon Neil asked whether they had taken peyote, a psychedelic desert cactus, during the session, to which Homme joked: “Well I did, but I didn’t tell them, so there were just a few days when they were like ‘Why are you being so weird?’ I didn’t think it was weird, I just said the word ‘Ham’ 4,000 times.”

It also looks like Biffy Clyro might be the next UK band to get the Homme treatment.

Neil cheekily asked whether he wanted “three Scottish boys to come to your studio?”

He replied “yeah let’s do this, whenever you’re ready man.”

“Don’t tease us, we’ll be straight over,” responded Neil to which Homme said: “I never tease. I just put the tip in for a second to see how it feels.”

Biffy Clyro are working on their new album, which they promised Homme “will blow you away. It’ll make you reconsider music!”

The full interview can be heard