Josh Homme reflects on life without pal Nick Oliveri...

Queens Of The Stone Age star JOSH HOMME has said people doubting he can still function without NICK OLIVERI has driven him to make “the best shit I’ve ever written”.

Homme has been working on the follow-up to ’Songs For The Deaf’ alone after sacking bassist Nick Oliveri.

Things came to a head earlier this year when Josh decided he couldn’t handle the bassist’s attitude

Speaking to MTV news, the star said that the heavier record sees Queens Of The Stone Age coming “full circle”, back to their roots.

He said: “I gotta be honest. I knew this [split with Oliveri] was coming, so I wrote everything by myself. And it’s the best shit I’ve ever written. My tank has been fuelled by people saying I couldn’t do it, and I’m gonna show them they’re dead wrong.

“It reminds me of the same, trancey emptiness of the first Queens record. It’s no accident everything has come full circle. There’s lots of repetition with falsetto melodies over the top. I want people to shake their ass and shut their eyes and just trance out. I want to move people and get the hairs on their arms to stand up.”

In the absence of Oliveri, who is working on his own Mondo Generator project, Homme will play the bass as well as guitars.

The album could be released late this year.