Nick Oliveri tells Josh Homme he’ll rejoin the band…

Former Queens Of The Stone Age member NICK OLIVERI has offered to rejoin the band.

The bass player was sacked from the group in February last year, after singer Josh Homme claimed that his close friend’s behaviour had started to drive the pair apart, describing the bassist as “a tornado”.

However, Oliveri has revealed that the pair are speaking again and that he has offered his services to the band.


He said: “I told him last time I was hanging out with him, ‘If anything falls through and you need somebody, you know where your bass player is, dude — you know where the bass player for that band is. So pick up the phone.’”

”It ain’t about a money gig thing for me – I know which band I play bass in,” he told Billboard.

Oliveri was replaced in Queens Of The Stone Age by the band’s former guitar tech Dan Druff and Homme recently gave his former bandmate an advance copy of the group’s latest album, ’Lullabies To Paralyze’.

He said: “It’s a good record. I was hoping for more of the first record with this one. I know there’s growth, change and experimenting with music, so obviously I was caught off-guard a little bit. But I was hoping for something a little more guitar-heavy.”

’III: The EP’ – the new EP from the bassist’s band Mondo Generator is now available as an import via Cargo Germany.

”It’s just something I wanted to get out to let people know that I wasn’t not doing anything,” Oliveri said. “But again, it’s an import from Germany, so it’s not like it’s everywhere.”


A new Mondo Generator album is due out at the end of April and the band will head out on the road supporting Turbonegro in May on their European tour. Oliveri recently sang the track ’The Final Warning’, due to appear on Turbonegro’s forthcoming album.

As well as talking with Amen’s Casey Chaos about collaborating on a new project to be named Suicide Pact, Oliveri is still looking to release the acoustic album he was talking about last year.

He said: “As far as ‘Demolition Day’, I’m trying to get it out, but at the same time, I haven’t really been doing the ‘label thing,’ so putting it out myself is going to be kind of tough to do right now. I don’t have a deal right now, is what I’m saying.”