The frontman says he ditched pal Nick Oliveri because he started turning into Sid Vicious...

Queens Of The Stone Age frontman JOSH HOMME has revealed his reasons for sacking bassist NICK OLIVERI.

In a new interview the singer claimed his close friend’s behaviour had started to drive the pair apart and described Oliveri as “a tornado”.

Homme said: “Our whole band is full of hard partiers. We have put more people in rehab than Mardi Gras. But when you get drunk, you either get drunk with class, or you get drunk like a slobbering, toothless f—. And that’s just an analogy. It’s not just drinking, it’s how you live your life.”

He told VH1: “He’s a tornado, and a tornado just destroys and goes on to the next city. I’m in the tornado cleanup crew, and all I ever see is his detritus and I’m sick of it.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, following days of Internet speculation, Oliveri was kicked out of Queens Of The Stone Age at the beginning of last month.

Homme now says that the bass player, renowned for his decadent behaviour, had started to play up to his image as a hell-raiser.

The Queens Of The Stone Age singer/guitarist also revealed that he visited Oliveri’s house to tell the bass player that he was no longer in the band. He said: “He was bummed, man. It was the only time that an irrational guy was rational. He was going, ‘I don’t want this to happen.’ But when you see a guy winging bottles at the audience, you eventually just say, ‘Fuck this!’ If you don’t, then you’re just somebody’s bitch.”

He continued: “We used to have a thing we called ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ where, whenever Nick did something, we blamed Nick in the press, and whenever I did something, we blamed Nick in the press. But I think Nick started believing our press and thinking that he’s gotta be the next Sid Vicious or something. And I think Sid Vicious is a badass, but also I think Sid Vicious is a dumb drug addict who couldn’t play bass and never wrote a song, and if he stayed alive most guys would have went, ‘This guy’s a fucking worthless piece of shit.’ And so I don’t think that’s something to aspire to.”