Josh Homme's new project will release an LP next month...

Queens Of The Stone Age mainman JOSH HOMME’s new side project EAGLES OF DEATH METAL will release their debut album ‘PEACE, LOVE, DEATH METAL’ on March 22.

The trio are also joined on the record by sometime Queens Of The Stone Age collaborator Alain Johannes as well as Homme’s current squeeze, Distillers’ Brody Dalle.

Eagles’ singer Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes said: “Brody did handclaps and general rock & roll inspiration. It was like guerrilla warfare. The whole band is set up like a militia unit. Whoever’s there and can do it, will do it.”

The band, who played a low-key invite only gig at London’s swanky Met Bar last month (February 10), formed five years ago in California’s Palm Desert as part of a “joke”.

Hughes told Rolling Stone: “It started as a joke. We were responding to a drunk guy saying Poison was death metal. I said, ‘Dude! That’s like Eagles of death metal.’ Josh dared me to go write what I thought that was. It took him five years to finally convince me to come to Hollywood.”

Songs expected to be included on the album – recorded last year in Los Angeles – include ‘Wasting My Time’, ‘San Berdoo Sunburn’, ‘Who Will Love The Devil’ and the Brody-starring ‘Speaking In Tongues’.

Homme however feels relieved that he is out of the spotlight in the new project. He said: “I’m just the drummer, and to have one role is a great feeling.”