Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri appear to be back on speaking terms…

Queens Of The Stone Age singer JOSH HOMME has been spotted with ex-bandmate NICK OLIVERI.

Oliveri was sacked from the band in February, after Homme claimed that his close friend’s behaviour had started to drive the pair apart, describing the bassist as “a tornado”.

However, according to a posting on the Queens Of The Stone Age website, the pair were seen together at the Silverlake Spaceland following a gig by Homme’s side project Eagles Of Death Metal (October 9).

The poster wrote: “I saw Josh and Nick (who was at the show to see the Eagles) embrace, talk, laugh and smile. They may not be playing together but they sure seemed like old friends genuinely glad to be hanging out together.”

It is expected that a new album by Queens Of The Stone Age will be released in March 2005.