The star vows to keep working despite the recent departure of his sidekick Nick Oliveri...

JOSH HOMME is ploughing ahead with new Queens Of The Stone Age material despite the dramatic events of the past week.

As previously reported, Josh asked longtime member and friend Nick Oliveri to leave the band last week in undisclosed circumstances.

Now, in an interview with Billboard, he has vowed to keep working, saying: “I’m not in any fucking massive hurry but I’m a workaholic. I don’t want to let 16 songs just sit warming in the oven until they taste shitty.

“Right now I just want to write for a while to beat (the new songs) or see if I can. I think it’s the best shit I’ve ever written.”

He also reiterated his regret at Oliveri’s departure: “I’ve been Nick’s shield for years. When you’re a tornado, you never see the damage. You just move on to the next town… plain and simple, Nick is the most bad-ass, intense individual I’ve every played with. He’s the real deal. He’s completely rock’n’roll without one ounce of fake in his whole body and I love that. I’ve always loved that and respected it but I’ve also protected it. I’m more worn down about it than anything. There’s no question whether I’ve had loyalty or not.

“But I can’t do this in Queens Of The Stone Age with Nick anymore. Do I want to play with Nick? You bet your sweet ass. Do I want to go on tour with Nick for two years? No. Do I want someone to walk into my room and turn the stereo on all the way and split; that sort of idea of living? No! No. I’m sick of it. I can’t take it. Sorry.”