Two new Queens Of The Stone Age releases announced

Fans at their recent London shows get a special souvenir

Queens Of The Stone Age have confirmed details of their live film and new single.

The double CD/DVD package is released on November 21 and has a working title of ‘Over The Years And Through The Trees’, though this may change.

The DVD will feature footage from the band’s two-night stand in London last month, as well as footage from Belgium, interviews with the band and ‘at least one shower scene’.

It will be accompanied by a CD of live tracks.

Meanwhile, Queens will release ‘Burn The Witch’ on December 5 as a limited edition picture disc, backed with the UNKLE remix of ‘Burn The Witch’ and a Peaches remix of ‘Broken Box’.

Queens Of The Stone Age are currently touring the US with Nine Inch Nails, and on Sunday (September 25) played the first in a series of ‘renegade gigs’ at Powell’s Bookstore in Portland Oregon.

The band’s offical site offical site reports: “Take that cigarette out of your mouth and put that porno mag down. QOTSA will be doing select renegade shows across the nation. It’s a tour within a tour, in places you would never suspect. Show up, be merry. Clues will appear for these. You need to be watchful.”

As previously reported, frontman Josh Homme is expecting his first child with fiancé Brody Dalle of The Distillers.