Looks like singer Josh Homme got it wrong…

Queens Of The Stone Age’s new video for ’IN MY HEAD’ is not like Italian porn, its director has said.

As previously reported, singer Josh Homme recently revealed that the pixelated promo – said to be similar in looks to White Stripes’ ’Fell In Love With A Girl’ – and “sounds like this Italian porno I saw once”.

However, director Associates Of Science (aka Adam Levite), has now said: “I don’t really know why Josh thought the video reminded him of Italian porn. But whatever. Maybe it had something to do with the ‘in and out’ camera techniques we used. Or the shots of all the girls in the woods.”

Levite has revealed that there is no pornography in the video, instead it will feature images of beautiful girls, “menacingly beautiful nature images” and close-ups.

He told MTV News: “The song is not your typical Queens Of The Stone Age song, so I didn’t want to make a typical Queens Of The Stone Age video.”

He added: “We’re focusing on them as people here, starting with beautiful shots of them playing their instruments, and we begin to zoom in from there. We show them playing and determined and push in to show smaller images that are driving them.”

Shot in Los Angeles over a day and a half, the promo is said to be based on the work of the artist Chuck Close – famous for his large portraits made up of smaller and smaller images.

Levite explained: “Of course, keeping with the chorus of the song, we want to see what’s in all the Queens Of The Stone Age‘ heads. So we get in really close and we want the viewer to feel the circular nature of the piece, where they get in the band’s heads and then back into their own.”

“The whole thing is extremely post-(production) heavy, so it’ll take awhile to put it all together,” he explained. “I just want it to look and feel different than any other Queens Of The Stone Age video. I want it to be really photographic and stripped-down, taking the viewer’s eye away from the outside and placing the focus on the band’s insides.”