We're deadly serious - but will Brody Dalle also be helping out?...

Queens Of The Stone Age‘s JOSH HOMME has revealed that though the band’s new album will not feature current beau, and Distillers frontwoman

BRODY DALLE, an unlikely set of collaborators will be joining the group.

Though Dalle will feature in the next ’Desert Sessions’ line-up, Homme will not be using his girlfriend’s talents on the new Queens Of The Stone Age album. “She doesn’t need my help, she’s doing just fine as she is,” he explained.

However, when speaking to US station ABC News Radio, Homme said that the new album would feature the talents of the Disney Marching Band, adding that he is completely serious.

When asked how he got the clean-cut children’s stars to agree to work with the band, Homme replied: “I slept with Goofy.”

The new-line up of Homme, multi-instrumentalist Alain Johannes, guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen and drummer Joey Castillo will return to the studio on May 24 to record the follow-up to 2002’s ‘Songs For The Deaf’

“The Queens Of The Stone Age record is fantastic, really fantastic,” he told NME.COM. “The songs are really good, we start recording May 24. The Queens Of The Stone Age album will be this year. A workaholic’s work is never done.”

Homme also put paid to speculation that ousted bassist Nick Oliveri would appear on the album, saying, “It’s all fresh new stuff, but I’m sure Nick’s gonna record another Mondo Generator record soon.”

Neither will Dave Grohl be returning to reprise his drumming role on ‘Songs For The Deaf’. “I occasionally pretend to play drums,” said Josh. “I know I’m more like a metronome than a drumfill machine so Joey is going to play drums and I’m going to play bass and guitar.”