And it's a couple of lovely ladies...

Queens Of The Stone Age’s JOSH HOMME has roped in Distillers BRODY DALLE and GARBAGE star SHIRLEY MANSON for the band’s new album.

Queens Of The Stone Age are currently working on their new album, the follow-up to 2002’s ’Songs For The Deaf’.

As well as a collaboration with ZZ Top legend Billy F Gibbons, Dalle, who is currently dating Homme, and Manson sang backing vocals on a currently untitled new track.

Manson revealed: “Brody and I sang backing vocals on a Queens Of The Stone Age track a few weeks back and it was so much fun. That girl has a crazy voice. She can really sing and what’s even cooler about her is that she has NO fucking IDEA just how good she is.

“That’s what I love about our girl Brody. She’s a glorious, no nonsense, fucked-up mess. As for the new Queens Of The Stone Age record? It’s great. Really great. You’ll love it. And how Josh Homme is not yet a household name is quite beyond me.”

Homme recently said the album will be a return to the band’s roots following the departure of Nick Oliveri on bass, and longtime collaborator Mark Lanegan, who is releasing his own solo album.

Speaking about Nick’s departure, he said: “For me it’s the hardest thing. I will never talk shit about my bro or anything like that. Nick and I are still definitely that. I love making music and stuff but it’s more important to me to be brothers with Nick.

Queens Of The Stone Age is a family of intense individuals. Everyone in the band is an individual and that was by design. It was what we were all looking for, to harness the chaos. There’s events that always happen. The thing that always brought Nick and I together is that we have different styles of doing the same thing. Nick is probably one of the most unafraid people I know, and I’m not afraid either. And that’s the reason we’re friends.”