But the band insist he will be back soon...

Mark Lanegan is off the Queens Of The Stone Age US tour.

The alt.rock crooner and former Screaming Trees mainmain was thought to have left the band’s revolving line-up with Nick Oliveri, after the Songs For The Deaf tour.

However, he turned up again on the opening track to ‘Lullabies To Paralyze’ as well as the Queens Of The Stone Age’ European and US tours.

But now he has the left the tour again in mysterious circumstances, fuelling rumours of a fight between him and Queens Of The Stone Age leader Josh Homme.

On Monday (April 4), the band released a statement on their official website, confirming that Mark Lanegan had taken a break due to ‘exhaustion’, but rubbished rumours that there was anything more to it.

It reads: “Mark Lanegan is taking a brief sabbatical from the ongoing Queens Of The Stone Age tour due to exhaustion. The band would like to wish a speedy recovery, so that he can return back to the touring Queens Of The Stone Age circus ASAP. Josh and Mark have already been in discussions to figure out when Mark will be able to return.

“And finally the band stresses that all other rumours regarding this subject should be written down, burned and pushed into your eyes so that you are unable to find your watercooler / sewing circle. Thank you, the Duchess Of Insider.”

Queens Of The Stone Age are expected to return to the UK in June to make up the gigs cancelled last month.