Queens Of The Stone age joined by unexpected guest

The band play with an old friend

Queens Of The Stone Age were united with an unexpected guest during their gig at Los AngelesWiltern Theater last night (December 20).

The band, who have previously been joined onstage by Dave Grohl, Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron and Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan in their revolving door line-up, were joined by John Garcia – frontman of Josh Homme’s previous group Kyuss.

After eight years since the pair went their separate ways, the childhood friends got back together to perform three songs from Kyuss’ back catalogue as part of their encore.

Introducing Garcia, Homme told the crowd: “Now I want to play you something really old.”

The group then tore into ‘Thumb’, ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Supa Scoopa And Mighty Scoop’.

Following the collaboration, Garcia rested his head on Homme’s shoulder before exiting the stage, MTV reports. QOTSA then ripped into ‘Go With The Flow’ – dedicated to the Kyuss singer.

The gig also saw QOTSA give fans some rare treats with run-throughs of the hard-to-find B-side ‘Infinity’, ‘Rickshaw’ from Desert Sessions and ‘First It Giveth’ from 2002’s ‘Songs For The Deaf’.

Before playing the B-side ‘The Fun Machine Took A Shit And Died’, Homme said: “”This is a song about my former friends.”

Closing the main set with ‘A Song For The Dead’ the QOTSA singer dedicated the song to Lanegan, who previously sang the track for the group on tour.

Queens Of The Stone Age’s setlist ran:

‘Regular John’



‘First It Giveth’

‘Give The Mule What He Wants’

‘Leg Of Lamb’

‘Monsters In The Parasol’


‘Someone’s In The Wolf’

‘Long Slow Goodbye’

‘Burn the Witch’

‘I Never Came’

‘Little Sister’

‘In My Head’

‘Tangled Up In Plaid’

‘I Think I Lost My Headache’

‘The Fun Machine Took A Shit and Died’

‘A Song For The Deaf’

‘A Song For The Dead’



‘Supa Scoopa And Mighty Scoop’

‘Go With The Flow’