He’s putting the finishing touches to The Eagles Of Death Metal’s album…

Despite illness and Queens Of The Stone Age, JOSH HOMME has been busy with his side project Eagles Of Death Metal.

The band have been in the studio, with Homme drumming, and expect to release their second album entitled ‘Death By Sexy’ this summer, Rolling Stone reports.

“In order for the first album not to seem like a fluke, this one needed to step up and expand,” said singer Jesse Hughes. “It accomplished that goal. I think we’ve got, like, five singles on it.”

Guests on the new record include Queens Of The Stone Age members Mark Lanegan drummer Joey Castillo, along with Distillers leader Brody Dalle.

Songs being considered for the record include ’Queen Bee And Baby Duck’, ’Poor Doggie’, ’Cherry Cola’ and ’She’s Just Nineteen’.

‘Meanwhile Queens Of The Stone Age’s released new album ’ Lullabies To Paralyze’ on Monday (March 21).