My God, it might even be a triple...

Queens Of The Stone Age‘s NICK OLIVERI has revealed more about the direction of the band’s next album.

The Queens Of The Stone Age plan to go into the studio and record many of the 25 songs already written for the follow-up to last year’s ‘Songs For The Deaf’ after the release of their next single, ‘First It Giveth’.

“There’s all kinds of guitar-heavy stuff that’s similar to [1998’s ‘Queens of the Stone Age’], and some more melodic, poppy stuff with hooks and choruses like [2000’s] ‘(Rated) R’, and stuff that’s hard, hard, hard and driving like ‘Six Shooter’ from ‘Songs for the Deaf,” said Oliveri. “Plus there’ll be stuff that will be unexpected, because we’re always trying to experiment with new things so we never end up making the same record twice.”

Speaking to VH-1, the bassist said that it will be hard to choose between the songs for the album: “Do you do a triple record or do you do another 14-or 15-song record? There’s a lot to choose from, and you don’t want to cut it away too much,” he said. “To cut out too much is to cut out too much. To cut out a little would be to cut out too much. So we have to really sift through it and not rush it.”

The record will also feature songs written by guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, singer Mark Lanegan and new drummer Joey Castillo. “We’ve finally found players that want to stay and we want them to,” Oliveri revealed. “We haven’t had that before. It wasn’t that we wanted it to be two or three people, it was that we hadn’t found the right people until now.”

However Queens Of The Stone Age will not be debuting any of the new songs during their summer gigs – for fear of getting bored with them: “We just don’t want to burn out on them… We’re not even rehearsing the new songs, because if we start rehearsing then we’re gonna be playing them live. And by the time we go to record them, we’ll already be tired of them,” Oliveri said. “So why sound burned in the recording when it can be fresh and you’re still loving it?”