Josh Homme says the fresh material is "less complicated" than before...

Queens Of The Stone Age have written 25 new songs for the follow-up to ’SONGS FOR THE DEAF’, which frontman JOSH HOMME says will take the band to “a whole new level”.

Titles for new tracks on the as-yet untitled fourth album include ’Skin On Skin’, ’Everybody Knows That You’re Insane’, ’Tangled Up In Plaid’.

Speaking while on tour with Red Hot Chili Peppers in the US, Homme told Rolling Stone that the new album “blows away” ’Songs For The Deaf’.


“It’s almost like ’Deaf’ was the end of something and this is a whole new level. It’s more simple. It’s less complicated,” he said.

Homme, who will produce the album, revealed that most of the songs were written while on the road. “This isn’t Bon Jovi, ‘We’ve seen a million faces and rocked them all’. There’s all sorts of experiences that happen on the road that aren’t like that. We live out here, so it’s our lives out here. We stopped thinking of it as we’re going somewhere – this is who we are. I’ve been on tour for about 11 years. So I feel more like a scientist collecting data.”

[a][/a], who play V2003 (August 16/17) and Glasgow’s Big Day Out On The Green on August 23, are aiming to start recording in January and release the album next spring. Homme said it will be recorded at a secluded studio called The Site, “about 30 miles from the nearest freeway, an hour outside San Francisco. If you run out of smokes, you’re fucked. You have to smoke a salmon or something.”

Prior to their UK festival dates, the band play their own sold-out headline shows, at:

Manchester Apollo (June 17, 20)

Glasgow Barrowland (18, 19)


Wolverhampton Civic Hall (21)

Brixton Academy (22)

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