According to singer Josh Homme, the new stuff is "sweet enough for the chicks and heavy enough for the dudes"...

Queens Of The Stone Age have 25 new songs ready for their fourth album – and could be in the studio as early as October.

Frontman Josh Homme said the new material “blows away” the songs from last year’s ‘Songs For The Deaf’, and said the new tracks are “sweet enough for the chicks and heavy enough for the dudes”.

He said: “We know the earliest we could record is October. We don’t want to know all these tunes right now because we want to keep it exciting.”

Homme also revealed that Queens Of The Stone Age will not be playing much of the new material during their summer tour, which sees them playing six sold-out UK dates during June and the V Festival on August 16-17.

“There’s a pretty avid bunch of tapers. So, we usually shy away from playing new stuff until it’s kind of close to being recorded,” he told Billboard.

The band are currently touring the US with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and are set to perform a series of dates during the Lollapalooza festival with [a][/a] in the summer.

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