The star enthuses about being able to guest star on 'Songs For The Deaf'...

FOO FIGHTERS‘ DAVE GROHL has said the forthcoming QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE album, on which he plays drums, is the best he has ever performed on.

Grohl has been in an LA studio with Queens, playing drums on much of their forthcoming album, ‘Songs For The Deaf’.

Speaking about the sessions in the current issue of Kerrang! magazine, Grohl said the record is “10 times harder” than any of their previous efforts.

He commented: “It’s my favourite album that I’ve ever played drums on. I was a huge Kyuss fan. When ‘Blues For The Red Sun’ came out, I’d listen to it two or three times a day. When I jammed with Nick and Josh, it almost sounded like I was back in 1992 playing on a Kyuss record. It was fucking amazing. They let me go off on this album like never before. It rocks ten times harder than anything they’ve ever done.”

Foo Fighters are also working on a new record, which is likely to be released in 2002.