The heavyweights join together to provide the music for 'The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys'...

Queens Of The Stone Age core pair NICK OLIVERI and JOSH HOMME have teamed up with – RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE

drummer BRAD WILK to record the soundtrack for new JODIE FOSTER film ‘THE DANGEROUS LIVES OF ALTAR BOYS’.

The film is due to open in the US on June 14, with the soundtrack appearing in the week before. The material is not as heavy as traditional Queens Of The Stone Age‘ material, according to Billboard.

The film, directed by Peter Care who also directed REM’s 1996 tour film ‘RoadMovie’, is set in a parochial school in Georgia in 1974. It is the story of a group of 8th grade altar boys who get caught drawing an obscene comic book involving priests and nuns having sex. It also stars Kieran Culkin, brother of former child star Macaulay. Like Queens Of The Stone Age‘s last album, it is Rated R in the US. There is no UK release date yet for the feature.

Meanwhile, Queens Of The Stone Age are set to release their much anticipated third album ‘Songs for the Deaf’ in August.