Ex-Kyuss man arrested after battle of the bands at Big Day Out...

Queens Of The Stone Age‘s bass player Nick Oliveri was arrested after a backstage brawl with Terrorvision at the Big Day Out festival at Milton Keynes (July 10).

Oliveri, who used to play with shock rockers The Dwarves, was arrested by Milton Keynes police and taken off the festival site. He was later released without charge.

The brawl started after a reportedly inebriated QOTSA started to take their time leaving their shared dressing room with Terrorvision.


QOTSA frontman Jose Homme allegedly threw a punch at a Terrorvision roadie, but it was Oliveri, who first played with Homme in legendary underground rock back Kyuss, who was arrested.

A spokeswoman for QOTSA told NME: “There was a bit of kerfuffle about the dressing room with Terrorvision

“Nick was the drunkest out of the whole lot so they took him away. They took him off the site and put him in jail but their manager sorted something out.”

Terrorvision‘s press office has now labelled QOTSA “pissed-up American arseholes who couldn’t hold their lager”.

A spokeswoman for the band said: “The dressing rooms were being shared and Terrorvision were getting ready to go onstage. These guys from Queens Of The Stone Age kept coming in, trying to cause aggro, and the whole thing just developed into a bit of a brawl.

“It takes more than a couple of Queens to stop Terrorvision.”