Queens' Nick Oliveri gets arrested for his au naturel performance and Sepultura perform two new songs...

QUEENS OF THE STONEAGE’s NICK OLIVERI was arrested after the band’s performance at ROCK IN RIO yesterday (January 19).

Oliveri got onstage naked and remained so for over half the band’s performance until the band’s manager came on stage to ask him to put a pair of trousers on.

When the band finished their set, police officers were already waiting for him and he was taken to a local police station. It is believed he could face charges of indecent exposure.

Frontal nudity is considered a serious offence in Brazil, especially when there are under-18’s around.

Oliveri said he didn’t realise he was committing an offence as he had played naked many times before.

Later that night, the band were followed by Sepultura, Rob Halford and Iron Maiden.

Festival organisers had limited the number of tickets on sale for the metal day of the event, with only 150,000 going on sale. The capacity of the event is 250,000.

Sepultura’s set lifted the crowd with an electrifying peformance, and they unveiled two new songs, ‘Sepulnation’ and ‘Saga’ from their forthcoming album ‘Nation’.

Headliners Iron Maiden’s performance, which was being recorded for DVD, lasted almost two hours and Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page’s rumoured appearance didn’t happen, due to a reported back injury.

DJ Fabio also had problems over at the Electro tent, with his record collection was stolen before he was due to perform alongside local DJs Calbuque, Marky and Patife.