That's after they've got totally pissed...

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE are among the first bands to arrive in BRAZIL today (January 17) for the second round of the ROCK IN RIO festival, which kicks off for a further four nights of live action tomorrow night.

At their press conference just hours after touching down in Rio, Nick Oliveri and Brendon McNichol, who plays guitar and keyboard in the band’s touring line-up, joked about their fellow hotel guests, who include Britney Spears.

Between them the two downed five pina coladas and two beers in the space of the 10-minute press call. Then McNichol quipped: “We haven’t slept yet man, and we better hurry ’cause my girl Britney Spears is waiting for me at the pool. She told me to hurry.”

Oliveri spoke about the band’s next album, saying: “This time we will have no special guests and we will make a rawer version of ‘Rated R’, a little heavier and with more guitars.”

When asked by a local journalist whether they were nervous playing before an anticipated audience of 200,000, they laughed loudly. And the jocular tone continued when questioned about the band’s line-up and whether it was stable: “We are stable now. Until tomorrow. Actually, we broke up, but we will get together again for Friday night,” said Oliveri.

Speaking about their recent gigs in Argentina, Brendan said: “We were hated. It was great!” He also added that, like Rock In Rio’s motto “for a better world” one the Queens’ favourite pastimes also created a more pleasant world for the band: “With drugs we make a better world. I like it better that way.”

And so the battle-lines have been drawn for their assault on Rio on Friday night (19), when they play alongside Sepultura and Iron Maiden, who are scheduled to give a press conference on their arrival later today.

Before the monsters of rock take the stage however, Rock In Rio goes pop, with *N Sync, Britney, Aaron Carter and Five performing on the main stage.

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