Josh Homme on Nick Oliveri’s return to QOTSA: ‘It’s what it is, not what it was’

Frontman says working with big name collaborators was a 'distraction from how confusing this record was to make'

Josh Homme has explained how Nick Oliveri came to record with Queens Of The Stone Age for the band’s new album ‘… Like Clockwork’.

The former bassist, who previously worked with Homme in the band Kyuss, left Queens Of The Stone Age in 2004 amid rumours he had been violent towards his then girlfriend. However, Oliveri appears on the band’s new album and, speaking to NME, the frontman explained how he came to be back on working terms with his former best friend. Speaking as part of the cover feature for this week’s magazine, on newsstands from today (May 22), Homme says: “Nick recorded his record [with his band Mondo Generator] at my studio and he was dropping some vinyl off and was like, ‘Er, need background vocals?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah’. So he sang on ‘If I Had A Tail’.”

Homme then adds: “Him and Mark Lanegan are going “Oooohohohoooo”. It’s just friends, you know. And that’s good enough for me. It’s what it is, not what it was. I know people get hung up on stuff but what am I supposed to do, go door to door and explain the situation?”

Discussing the number of big name guests on the bands new album, including Elton John, Dave Grohl and Alex Turner, Homme adds: “I know it’s got some market value to somebody else, and I’m realising to the outsider that to the outsider it’s like, ‘Woah’. But I just needed a distraction from how confusing this record was to make. The songs were what they were. But it’s like a Christmas tree. It exists before you put decorations on it, but it’s cool to put decorations on it.”

Queens Of The Stone Age have compiled all of their recent animated videos into a 15-minute promo for ‘…Like Clockwork’. Click below to watch the video, which starts with the previously released clip for ‘I Appear Missing’ before segueing into ‘Kalopsia’, ‘Keep Your Eyes Peeled’ and ‘If I Had A Tail’, finishing up with ‘My God Is The Sun’, which was the very first track to be revealed from the band’s sixth album, after being played live at Lollapalooza Brazil in March.

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