Alex Turner and Josh Homme discuss Halloween and fighting the Cookie Monster on Beats 1 radio show

Arctic Monkeys and Queens Of The Stone Age frontmen reunite for second 'Alligator Hour' episode

Alex Turner returned to Josh Homme’s Beats 1 show, Alligator Hour, yesterday to continue his conversation with the Queens Of The Stone Age frontman.

Homme and Turner first appeared on the radio together last month (July) when Homme quizzed the Arctic Monkeys frontman on his songwriting and introduced him as “origami teacher, hand model and international monopoly champion”.

Turner made a second appearance yesterday (August 5) where he and the host discussed Halloween, what it’s like to wear a wig and playing gigs while dressed as the blue man group. Homme also told Turner a story about his friend who got arrested for fighting a cookie monster while he was dressed as a banana.

Listen back to the interview here. Turner appears from the 14-minute mark.

Meanwhile, Homme is set to release a new album with Eagles Of Death Metal titled ‘Zipper Down’, which the pair recently described as being “as sexy as Brad Pitt meets Antonio Banderas”.

The record follows on from 2008’s ‘Heart On’ and will be released on October 2.