Queens of the Stone Age: “Guitars are going extinct”

"We're still firmly rooted in the world of guitar".

Queens Of The Stone Age have claimed that guitars are “going extinct” as they gear up to release their next album.

The band, who will release new album Villains on August 25, made the comments in an interview with The Spinoff  when asked about the current state of rock music.

Drummer Jon Theodore said: “It’s like guitars are going extinct in a lot of ways. Now it’s punk to learn upright bass or classical guitar….It’s a new world right now, and sometimes I feel like a dinosaur but most of the time I’m just grateful that we got started before this transition started – I mean we’re still firmly rooted in the world of guitar.”


Frontman Josh Homme also recently opened up on recording their new album, and revealed how Dave Grohl was turfed out of the studio after a ‘tipsy’ Grohl came to their studio after “enjoying himself”, while Homme was ‘struggling’ with a vocal take of new song ‘Fortress’.

“I didn’t see it because I was [in the studio] wrestling an alligator, but in this case Ronson is the new guy and he was very sweet and was protecting me”, Homme said.
“Maybe in his own mind he thought he was protecting Dave too.”
Meanwhile, Queens Of The Stone Age will also return to the UK in November for a four date tour, taking in shows in Manchester, London, Edinburgh, and Dublin.