Queens Of The Stone Age share message about their band name in support of Pride Month

"Remember, the name QUEENS of the Stone Age was designed to weed certain people out"

Queens Of The Stone Age have shared a message of solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community for Pride Month, advising homophobes to not listen to the band.

The band took to social media to share an image of rainbow flags, calling on their fans to “do something wonderful for someone”.

“Remember, it’s still Pride Month!” wrote the band on Instagram. “Do something wonderful for someone today! Something you’ll be proud of!”

They added: “P.S. remember, the name QUEENS of the Stone Age was designed to weed certain people out. If you feel plucked like a weed by this fact, then it’s because you are plucked. Now, go, run along and pluck yourself.”

Last year, frontman Josh Homme made headlines when he recalled an instance when he got his “ass kicked” by homophobes who were bullying his brother.

“My brother Jason is gay, and at an early age I grew a dislike for bullies,” said Homme. “Jason is two years older than me but I am bigger and always took on a protective role.

“I got my ass kicked a number of times and I was always proud to do it when it was in defence of our family name.”

He also spoke out against bullying in an interview with NME back in 2017, saying: “My whole life, I hate watching people get bullied and so, in a manner of speaking, you turn and you try to bully the bully. I have done that many times. I’m the only one with a mic so I think sometimes it perhaps looks like I’m bullying somebody – and I actually am.”

“The idea is to have our audience be an open-minded group of individuals,” Homme added.

Meanwhile, Homme has also seemingly been teasing the long-awaited return of his Desert Sessions collaborative project.