Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme recalls getting his ‘ass kicked’ by homophobes for defending his brother

He also pays tribute to "punk rock dream girl" wife Brody Dalle

A new interview has seen Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme discuss his relationship with wife and punk icon Brody Dalle, as well as “getting his ass kicked” by homophobes when defending his brother.

Homme was talking to the Brisbane Times for a feature called ‘What I Know About Women’, in which he opened up about his family, past relationships, and their impact in his work and career.

“My brother Jason is gay, and at an early age I grew a dislike for bullies,” said Homme. “Jason is two years older than me but I am bigger and always took on a protective role.


“I got my ass kicked a number of times and I was always proud to do it when it was in defence of our family name.”

He also spoke out against bullying in an interview with NME last year, saying: “My whole life, I hate watching people get bullied and so, in a manner of speaking, you turn and you try to bully the bully. I have done that many times. I’m the only one with a mic so I think sometimes it perhaps looks like I’m bullying somebody – and I actually am.”

“The idea is to have our audience be an open-minded group of individuals,” Homme added.

12 Feb 2004, Brody Dalle Of The Distillers With Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age) at the NME Awards 2004 (Photo by Brian Rasic/Getty Images)

The Brisbane Times interview also saw the frontman also hail his wife and Distillers singer Brody Dalle for being able to “spit 30 feet and punch like a guy”.

“She is my punk-rock dream girl,” said Homme. “I always thought if I could go out with a chick with a mohawk who also read philosophy, I’d be winning. Brody is the real deal. She does everything the boys can do and a whole slew of things no boy ever could.”


He continued: “I met Brody when she was 17 and I was 23. It was her first day in the US after relocating from Melbourne and I was playing guitar in the Screaming Trees. She came up to me backstage and asked if I was in Kyuss. We talked for an hour and a half and I never forgot her.”

Admitting that he “didn’t like” Dalle’s ex-boyfriend, Rancid singer Tim Armstrong, Homme added: “I lied and said I had made out with her in the hope that he would find out. I didn’t see her again until seven years later.”

Last year, Homme made headlines when he kicked photographer Chelsea Lauren at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show in Inglewood. On December 9, the frontman kicked a camera from the photographer’s hands, which then hit her in the face. Lauren later needed care in hospital.

In the immediate aftermath of the photographer incident, Homme released an apology video, admitting that he had been a “total dick” and saying that he had “to figure some stuff out”.

In his video, Homme said that the incident meant that he had “failed” at being “a good man”.

“I want to be a good man, but I think last night I definitely failed at that,” he said. “That means I failed my family and friends as well. I don’t want them to ever be ashamed or embarrassed about being around me or knowing so. So, I apologise also to my bandmates and my mum and my dad. My wife, my brother and my kids.”

Queens of the Stone Age at Mad Cool Festival

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