The R&B star paid up an undisclosed sum...

R Kelly has settled a civil suit with a former record label employee who claimed he had induced her into a sexual relationship when she was 17.

The R&B star settled with former Epic Records junior Tracy Sampson for an undisclosed sum. Sampson had launched a $50,000 civil suit in August last year. The action claimed: “Kelly took advantage of his occupational status, position of authority and Tracy Sampson’s trust and confidence in him to cause her to develop a dependent relationship in him.”

It is not the first time the R Kelly has been involved in similar actions. In 1998 he settled with Tiffany Hawkins for a reported $250,000. She had claimed the singer had sex with her and induced her to have group sex with other teenage girls when she was 15. Two other women, both represented by Sampson’s lawyer Susan E Loggans are set to file similiar suits soon.

R Kelly is still being investigated by Chicago police over allegations that he features in a 27-minute-long tape, having sex with underage girls. Though no charges have been brought, he strongly denies allegations that he features on the tape.