More tapes are received by Chicago police - and are now being studied...

R Kelly faces further investigation over child sex allegations after CHICAGO were handed four more tapes.

A police spokesman told mtv.com that the tapes were being studied to ascertain whether any of the people involved in the sex acts were underage.

“Certainly I will not discuss what is on the tapes, but it’s safe to say that some of it is new and some of it we had seen,” said Dave Bayless of Chicago Police.

The investigation, which originates from a 26-minute tape said to show the embattled singer having sex with a 14-year-old girl, resulted in 21 charges brought against R Kelly . He has denied any criminal activity and pleaded not guilty at a preliminary hearing in June.

R Kelly’s spokesperson has dismissed the new tapes as propaganda to prejudice the jury in the forthcoming trial: “They don’t want to try the case in the courts, but by leaks to the press.” The new tapes were taken from a van in Florida, prompting the spokesperson, who asked for anonymity, to say: “If they weren’t taken from his house, that raises questions of authenticity.”

The spokesperson questioned the strength of the police’s case, suggesting that the new tapes, which have so far not yielded any new evidence, are part of a smear campaign.

R Kelly is due in court on August 7.