The star, facing 21 charges of child pornogrpahy, is accused joining a group of kids in church to sing a song of his...

R Kelly could find himself behind bars awaiting trial on child pornography charges if it is established he flaunted bail conditions by meeting with children.

It has emerged that last Friday (June 7), after posting $750,000 bail in Cook County, Illinois the embattled R&B star attended a Baptist Church ceremony in Salem with his lawyer Edward Genson and his spiritual advisor, Reverend James Meeks. Meeks is pastor at the church.

During the service, a graduation for the church’s kindergarten kids, R Kelly got up and joined a group of around 30 children singing his track ‘The World’s Greatest’, MTV reports.


At a bail hearing the previous day (June 6) in Polk County, Florida, where R Kelly was arrested, one condition stated that he was not allowed to have any contact with minors who were not his own children or blood relations.

It is now being debated over whether this condition only applies in Florida or whether it stretches to Illinois.

A spokesperson for Polk County says the bond is not unique to Florida and covers R Kelly anywhere he is located.

R Kelly‘s lawyer disagrees. “There are no conditions in Illinois,” he said. “There was no hearing, nothing filed. And since he surrendered in Illinois, he’s exonerated [of those conditions].”

Going on the offensive, he added that even if they conditions did apply, R Kelly‘s appearance at church would not constitute a breaking of the bond.

“He wasn’t associating with minors,” Genson said. “He went to church. And going to church isn’t associating with children. Under that theory, if you walk into the mall, you have to leave if children are there. How can you prohibit going to church with a minister?”


Cook County have referred the matter to a chief judge. He will rule soon on whether or not the band will be revoked.

R Kelly faces 21 charges of child pornography. There are seven prosecutable acts under Illinois child pornography laws, involving intercourse, oral sex, urination, masturbation, exhibition, fondling and other sexual contact. For each of these acts R Kelly is charged with videotaping them, performing them in the videotape and enticing a minor to participate in them. All charges relate to one girl born in September 1984.

The charges stem from a videotape that is said to show the star having sex with a 14-year-old girl. The 26-minute tape was sent anonymously to the Chicago Sun-Times in February. The paper turned the video over to the police.