The parents of the underage girl the star is accused of having sex with come under scrutiny...

Child welfare officials have reopened their investigation into the parents of the underage girl at the centre of sex tape charges against R Kelly.

Last December, before the tape featuring R Kelly allegedly having sex with the girl surfaced, the Illinois Department Of Children And Family Services received a tip that the girl’s parents knew R Kelly would have sex with her, thereby subjecting her to harm.

Their investigations came to nothing due to lack of evidence and a denial of involvement by the girl and her parents. According to the Chicago Tribune, the DFCS say they didn’t question R Kelly at the time because “we were unable to find him.”

Yesterday, the DCFS announced they were to renew their investigation.

R Kelly was charged last week on 21 counts of child pornography. The charges stem from a videotape that is said to show the embattled star having sex with the 14-year-old girl. The 26-minute tape was sent anonymously to the Chicago Sun-Times in February. The paper turned the video over to the police. The tape allegedly depicts R Kelly and the girl in a room engaged in various sex acts, including R Kelly urinating on the girl. Copies of it have become a best-selling bootleg in New York and Chicago.

R Kelly is currently on bail due in a Chicago court for a preliminary hearing on June 24.