Legal experts believe prosecutors face an uphill task making the sex charges against the singer stick...

R Kelly is still in a MIAMI jail waiting to go before a judge to see if his $750,000 bail bond will accepted.

The star, arrested yesterday (June 5) on 21 counts of child pornography, is due to face a court for the first time with the charges in less than an hour, 1pm local time.

At the hearing, the judge will be presented with the charges against R Kelly and decide whether to allow the singer’s bail to be paid in Florida. If it is denied, R Kelly will be extradited to his hometown of Chicago – where he allegedly committed the illegal sex acts – and post bail there. Celebrity lawyer Robert Shapiro, who represented OJ Simpson during his double murder trial, will represent R Kelly in court today.


R Kelly faces seven counts of directing the videotaping of child pornography, seven counts of producing the video and seven counts of enticing an underage girl into illicit acts.

The charges stem from a videotape that is said to show the embattled star having sex with a 14-year-old girl. The 26-minute tape was sent anonymously to the Chicago Sun-Times in February. The paper turned the video over to the police. The tape allegedly depicts R Kelly and the girl in a room engaged in various sex acts, including R Kelly urinating on the girl. Copies of it have become a best-selling bootleg in New York and Chicago.

Already, questions are being asked as to why R Kelly hasn’t been charged with committing a sex act such as aggravated criminal sexual abuse or assault if authorities are certain the tape depicts R Kelly having sex with the girl. The Chicago Tribune claims sources said authorities are trying to pinpoint exactly when the tape was made and how old the girl was at the time, which may determine whether more serious charges are handed down.

The Tribune today also claims some legal experts believe prosecutors face an uphill task making the charges stick, mainly because the girl in the video has apparently refused to co-operate.

“I’m not convinced this is going to go anyplace,” said Susan Loggans, a lawyer who has represented three girls who claimed to have had sex with R Kelly while they were underage. The singer settled two of the three cases. The third is pending.