R Kelly denies impersonator accusations

Rumours circulated that a lookalike went on stage at at a show in Louisiana last month

R Kelly has confirmed that it was him, and not an impersonator, who performed at a recent gig in Louisiana.

Fans were demanding refunds after claiming a lookalike appeared in place of the R Kelly at the Monroe Civic Centre on Saturday night (October 26). There was initial confusion as to whether R Kelly was ever due to play live on the night, with fans saying a live performance was advertised and promoters denying the claims, saying that the event was a promotional party.

YouTube footage shows a brief performance by an artist billed as R Kelly, with snippets of three songs and a poem lasting around 10 minutes.

“That was actually me,” Kelly told The Hollywood Reporter, who added that he was hired to “make an appearance and host a party” in Monroe, but people who bought tickets expected to see a full concert. “So I come off looking like a damn jerk, while [other] people make money.”

His promoter Cedric Johnson has also insisted that it was the real R Kelly performing on the night, adding that he has received death threats since the event, with fans taking to the his Facebook page to post complaints.

“That was R Kelly,” he said. “They expected a full concert, but I didn’t pay R Kelly to do a full concert. He did exactly what he was paid for. It was a great event. It’s just that when R Kelly came up, and he didn’t stay on the stage long, everybody hated it.”