R Kelly fans demand refunds claiming impersonator appeared at Louisiana concert

R&B singer was believed to be playing at the Monroe Civic Centre on Saturday night (October 26)

R Kelly fans in Louisiana are demanding refunds after claiming an impersonator appeared in place of the R&B singer at a concert this weekend.

The singer, who is due to release new album ‘Black Panties’ later this year, was scheduled to appear at the Monroe Civic Centre on Saturday night (October 26). However, there is confusion as to whether he was ever due to play live on the night, with fans saying a live performance was advertised and promoters denying the claims.

Eyewitnesses claim that a man did appear to perform R Kelly songs live at 1am. However, those who attended the concert claim that it was not R Kelly on stage and that an impersonator had been sent in his place. Video footage from the performance can be seen above.

Local news source KNOE reports that they received a text message from party promoter Cedric Johnson in which he said he was “duped” and that fans will receive their money back.

Meanwhile, one concert goer, who chose to remain anonymous, said: “The advertisement online through Ticketmaster said that it was a Ced’s All Black Affair and R Kelly performing live, which did not happen last night. We was scammed because 10 o’clock we was there, no R. Kelly. 11 o’clock: no R Kelly, 12 o’clock: no R Kelly, 12:45: no R. Kelly. 1 o’clock, here comes an impersonator.” The woman claims she saw the same impersonator in a nearby restaurant earlier that day.

After initially agreeing to refund fans, Cedric Johnson has now taken back the offer, claiming he did not send the original message.