R Kelly names new album ‘Black Panties’

Singer is promising his new LP will be a "R&B-like thriller album"

R Kelly has revealed that his forthcoming new album will be titled ‘Black Panties’.

According to the controversial singer, his new LP will see him return to the sound of his 1993 debut solo record ’12 Play’ and will be an “R&B-like thriller album”.

In an interview with American radio station WCGI, Kelly claimed that he had chosen to return to his roots instead of continuing to explore the soul-inspired sound of his most recent album ‘Love Letter’, which was released last year.

He said:

I just did the whole ‘Love Letter’ joint and everybody’s thinking, ‘That’s the direction he’s going now’. No, that was just a moment in time, just like ‘Ignition’ and ‘Bump N’Grind’. Now this ‘Black Panties’ is the new ’12 Play’.

Kelly also discussed his recent medical problems with his throat, which forced him to undergo emergency surgery to drain an abscess on one of his tonsils. He revealed: “I thought I had a cold, but man, I had like a cyst as big as a golf ball on my tonsils. The doctor’s though, they cut it out, they took care of me really good.”

Earlier this year, Kelly was sued by his former manager Jeff Kwatinetz for over $1 million (£618,000), after he claimed the singer promised to pay him 15% him commission and then failed to do so.

However, a spokesperson for Kelly responded by calling Kwatinetz a “disgruntled former employee” and dismissed the lawsuit as “a collection of half-truths, distortions, and outright fabrications”.