Knew it wouldn't be long...

R Kelly, who releases his fifth album, ‘TP-2.com’ shortly, has returned to his X-rated ways.

Fans will recall that Kelly rejected his overtly sexual image, following the success of ’12 Play’, a ‘concept’ album that narrated 12 ways in which to make love, to the for a more emotional and soulful direction on 1998’s ‘R’ double CD.

However, his new release promises to be a mixture of the soulful and the sexual. Kelly revealed on his official website [url=]www.r-kelly.comthat not only are some of his new compositions racy, but they’re autobiographical as well:


He says: “‘The Greatest Sex’ (is a) real special song because I’ve experienced the greatest sex. I can’t give any names or any dates – I write about what I feel or what I experience.”

Kelly has, like Marvin Gaye, has wrestled with the contradiction between the sexual and the spiritual, veering from the coarseness on the ’12 Play’ album, released through his label Jive, to the more mainstream balladeering of his track ‘I Believe I Can Fly’.

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