The star also reveals he's written six songs for the new Michael Jackson album...


KELLY has held a press conference in HANOVER,

GERMANY to assure fans he’s still continuing with his European

dates – despite his fear of flying, made worse by last week’s US terrorist


The R&B star, whose hits ironically include ‘I Believe I Can

Fly’, is so scared of flying he took six days to cross the

Atlantic on the QE2 to make the conference in

the first place.

Despite the assembled press being issued with warnings that

Kelly would refuse to answer questions about his former collaborator

– and alleged ex-wife – the late Aaliyah, and about the recent

terrorist attacks in America, Kelly

opened the conference with a statement about the attacks.


surrounded by a hundred young schoolchildren on stage, and patriotically sporting

a stars and stripes bandanna,

Kelly said: “I ask everyone to pray for Americans in the world,

especially these kids because they are our future.” Kelly

then sat at the piano and sang a new song, ‘A Soldier’s Heart’,

he had written “during the time the movie ‘Pearl Harbor’ was

out, it inspired me to write this.”


also revealed that he had written a song for Michael

Jackson’s new album ‘Invincible’, and had also sent



six more, but had no idea whether they had been used as he hasn’t heard the

album. He explained that he’s been listening exclusively to Jay-Z

as the pair are working on a double album, ‘The Best Of Both