R Kelly denies allegations made by long term girlfriend Joycelyn Savage

Singer was held over a number of separate allegations earlier this year

R Kelly‘s lawyer has denied new allegations aimed at the singer by his long term girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage.

According to a Patreon account claiming to be Savage, she details how her relationship with the singer allegedly evolved into one of manipulation, surveillance, and threats.

In a series of posts, she claims Kelly led her to believe he would help launch her career as a model and singer, even recording songs with her.

One post notes that, after several months living together, Kelly began to give her “commands,” requiring she address him as “Master“ or “Daddy.”

Savage also said she became suspicious of surveillance cameras allegedly installed on Kelly’s properties.

“I didn’t have any type of privacy at all now that I think about it. If I showered one of his assistants would have to be by the door while I shower,” Savage reportedly wrote. “I couldn‘t talk to my parents in private sometimes. I was told what to say on the phone to them.”

Savage previously defended Kelly, in a joint interview with Azriel Clary – another of Kelly’s live-in girlfriends – on CBS This Morning in March, saying she had “a very strong relationship” with Kelly, and that she “absolutely” was in love with him.

Responding to the allegations, Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg issued a statement to Variety saying: “It is unfortunate that Jocelyn now seeks to make money by exploiting her long time, loving relationship with Robert. Obviously if she were to tell the truth no one would pay so she has, unfortunately, chosen to regurgitate the stories and lies told by others for her own personal profit. We know the real facts, and it was not until the money ran out that she decided anything was wrong. Hopefully people will see it for the obvious profiteering it is.”

Greenberg previously called for the R&B singer to be bailed because he was “only able to see one girlfriend at a time in jail”.

Kelly was arrested earlier this year on a 13-count federal indictment. He’s pleaded not guilty to the charges.