R. Kelly’s former lawyer says singer was “guilty as hell” in 2008 trial

Ed Genson doesn't think the star has done anything "inappropriate for years"

R. Kelly’s former lawyer has said the singer was “guilty as hell” in his 2008 trial.

Ed Genson, a Chicago defence attorney, represented Kelly when he faced child pornography charges in 2003 and in 2008. Charges were dropped in the first trial, while he was acquitted in the first.

Speaking to the Chicago Sun-Times, Genson said: “He was guilty as hell. I don’t think he’s done anything inappropriate for years. I’ll tell you a secret – I had him go to a doctor to get shots, libido-killing shots. That’s why he didn’t get arrested for anything else.”

The lawyer said he was dying from bile duct cancer and could “say whatever I want, but we’ve got to do it fast.” He added: “It would be nice to get it down so somebody knows besides me.”

R Kelly

R Kelly

While some in the legal community have criticised Genson for his comments, lawyer Michael Avenatti, who is representing two of the accusers in the current case, said his remarks were “highly, highly unusual” but could help the prosecution.

“Because the more people that believe that R. Kelly is guilty, that’s better for the prosecution,” he told USA Today. “If they move this case anywhere outside Chicago, a guilty verdict is all but assured. Chicago is the only place where he has even a remote chance of beating this. R. Kelly and his lawyers want to keep this in Chicago.”

On Wednesday (March 6), Kelly was returned to jail after failing to pay child support to his ex-wife. His detainment came just over a week after he was released from prison on bail.

On the same day, Kelly gave his first major interview since being arrested over sexual abuse allegations. He denied the claims once again, saying: “Whether they’re old rumours, new rumours, future rumours – not true.”