R Kelly groped by female fan during Christmas gig

Video footage shows incident from Detroit concert

Footage has surfaced online showing R Kelly appearing to be groped by a female fan at a gig in Detroit.

The incident in question took place during Kelly’s festive 12 Nights of Christmas concert in the US city on Friday (December 2). See in the video below.

A local report of the gig reads: “[Kelly] was in the process of freestyling a song about how hot it was on stage in his blue fur coat. ‘I got this big ass fur on,’ he sang, making up the words as he went along. ‘You know I’ll make a song about anything. Can I get a towel to wipe my face?'”


“He then approached a woman in the front row and requested she towel him down, but he did it in song form. ‘Baby take a towel, and wipe my fa-a-a-ce,’ he sang, leaning toward the woman. He then instructed her to wipe his forehead, cheeks, lips and tongue, and he stood up and extended his pelvis toward her. ‘Now grab it!’ he said, and without hesitation the woman reached up and grabbed Kelly’s, urm, area. She took the singer by surprise and he stepped back with a look of shock on his face. ‘I like that (expletive)!’ he announced.”

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Meanwhile, R Kelly recently made headlines when he sympathised with Bill Cosby over sex assault claims “because it happened to me”.