Footage shows R. Kelly letting fans towel him off and grab his crotch during Tampa show

Kelly reportedly told the crowd: "If there's anybody in here that feels they are going to be offended tonight, they need to leave"

Video footage has emerged of R. Kelly‘s recent performance in Tampa, Florida to corroborate initial reports that he let fans towel off his sweat and grab his crotch during the show.

Kelly’s gig at Tampa’s Yuengling Center on Saturday night (November 10) marked a rare live outing for the embattled singer, who has faced numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse over the past 18 months. He has denied all of the claims which have been made against him.

A review of the show by the Tampa Bay Times which was published the following day claimed that Kelly told the crowd at the Yuengling Center “if there’s anybody in here that feels they are going to be offended tonight, they need to leave – because it’s about to get freakier than a mother.”


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The Times‘ review noted that Kelly “frequently dipped into the pit to sing as the women pawed at his legs and groin. Once he took a woman’s phone and sang into the screen before rubbing it all over his crotch.”

Video footage from the show has now emerged on social media, showing Kelly encouraging fans to towel off his sweat and then allowing them to grab his crotch – until one movement in particular makes him jump away, prompting him to wag a disapproving finger at a fan who seemingly went too far. See those below.

What the hell be going on at R. Kelly concerts? ?

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The Times‘ review of the show also noted that no protestors from the #MuteRKelly movement showed up to picket Kelly’s appearance at the Yuengling Center.


Last month, a trailer for the upcoming documentary Surviving R. Kelly was released ahead of the series’ expected premiere next year.