R. Kelly’s cellmate has written a comic book about the pair’s time in prison

Brendan Hunt says he had never heard an R. Kelly song before being incarcerated with him

R. Kelly‘s cellmate has written a comic book about the pair’s day-to-day life in prison.

37-year-old Brendan Hunt, who was jailed last year for threatening to kill government officials, has spent the last few months sharing a cell with the disgraced R&B singer, who was found guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking by a federal jury in Brooklyn, New York in September and is due to be sentenced on May 4, 2022.

According to a report from the New York Daily News, Hunt has written and illustrated a comic book titled Prison Comics, in which he discusses how the pair spend their days. The report adds that the comic was written to try and get Hunt’s sentence reduced, and filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The new comic reveals that Hunt and Kelly spend their time doing yoga, listening to music and working out.

It also says that Hunt had never heard an R. Kelly song before he shared a cell with him, and that Kelly has spent his time introducing Hunt to his music.

“I’m the greatest R&B star in human history! How can you not know of R Kelly?” one of the slides says.

R. Kelly pictured in 2019
R. Kelly pictured in 2019. CREDIT: Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Kelly was federally indicted in Illinois in July 2019. During the hearing, Judge Harry D. Leinenweber said that the child pornography charge has “presumption of detention”. Kelly pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The artist is also facing additional sex-related charges in Illinois and Minnesota. He has pleaded not guilty to those charges.

Jacquelyn M. Kasulis, acting US Attorney for New York’s Eastern District, said last month upon the guilty verdict: “Today’s guilty verdict forever brands R. Kelly as a predator, who used his fame and fortune to prey on the young, the vulnerable, and the voiceless for his own sexual gratification.

“A predator who used his inner circle to ensnare underage teenage girls, and young women and men, for decades, in a sordid web of sex abuse, exploitation and degradation.”

Following his guilty verdicts last month, R. Kelly’s album sales increased by more than 500 per cent.