Looks like The Raconteurs have a big year of live shows planned

Jack and the gang last took to the stage in 2011

The Raconteurs are set to take their new material on the road in 2019, it has been confirmed by the band’s Brendan Benson.

The Jack White-led band returned earlier this month with their first tracks in over a decade – ‘Sunday Driver’ and ‘Now That You’re Gone’.

Ahead of the singles dropping, it was confirmed that the group would be making a comeback next year with a new album. The as-yet-untitled record will be the first for the band since 2008’s ‘Consolers Of The Lonely’.


Now, band member Brendan Benson has teased “exciting” live shows for The Raconteurs in the new year. Posting on Twitter, the musician said: “2019 is going to be an exciting year of touring with The Racs!”

With Jack White’s other side project The Dead Weather deciding not to go on the road in support of their last LP, it was unclear as to whether The Raconteurs planned to tour properly. The rock outfit’s last live shows took place back in 2011, though they haven’t embarked on a full tour since 2008.

At present, the group are confirmed to appear at Australia’s Byron Bay Bluesfest in April.

Meanwhile, there are currently no further details available about The Raconteurs’ new record, including a tracklist or firm release date.


The band are also reissuing ‘Consolers of the Lonely’ via Jack White’s Third Man Records ‘Vault’ subscription series. The reissue will also feature two new songs from their forthcoming album.

Earlier this year, Jack White released a new solo album, ‘Boarding House Reach’, and has been continuing to work with The Dead Weather.

In a five-star review of White’s latest album, NME said: “Those wanting a taste of the old Jack won’t be left wanting either. ‘What’s Done Is Done’ brings his way with a bluegrassy ballad bang up to date while opener ‘Connected By Love’ balances his fondness for experimentalism with a powerful melody and universal message. The old Jack is still there, certainly, but we’re far more excited about what the new one has up his sleeves.”