Radar Radio halts broadcasting after sexual misconduct allegations

The station has faced multiple allegations

London’s Radar Radio has announced that it is suspending broadcasting after facing a slew of sexual misconduct allegations.

The shutdown comes after allegations of misconduct and inappropriate conduct towards minority groups emerged last week.

“[We have] made the decision to suspend broadcasting until we are in a position to address the recent commentary around aspects of the station”, the station’s representatives said in a statement.

Earlier this month, DJ collective Pxssy Palace announced their exit from the station and opened up on how it had “tokenised” minorities.

“After a string of disappointing experiences with Radar, and after having multiple members of our community confide in us regarding the station, we felt the need to speak out,” the group said.

“We feel that they have tokenised women, feminism, queer and trans culture, and Black and other people of colour, for capitalist purposes, whilst making little to no effort to practise intersectionality within their own organisation.”

Their claims then prompted others to come forward with similar accounts, before many opted to pull their appearances at Radar parties.

“We don’t agree with all the opinions in [Pxssy Palace’s] statement but like most organisations we know we are capable of making mistakes and have to be vigilant to maintain standards,” the station declared on its website.

“We have taken immediate action to review and assess any shortcomings with the input of all Radar staff, especially those who are female, LGBTQI+ and POC.

“We unreservedly apologise to anybody who has felt unsafe or discriminated against at Radar Radio, either via programming or content or within the building. This was never our intention.”