We bring you a sneak preview of the year's most anticipated release...

Radiohead‘s long-awaited album ‘KID A’ received its first proper UK playback last night at a top secret venue in North London – and were there to exclusively bring you our verdict.

Our correspondent said the 10-track album is laden with electronic experimentation which is “all very disturbing, but in an exciting way,” and hailed it as their weirdest record to date.

But our mole continued: “It’s arty without being arsey, though ‘Treefingers’ is just nuts.”


“The first two tracks ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ and ‘Kid A’, with its bleeps and rewinds, highlight the band’s intention to fully explore what the world of modern technology has to offer. “Imagine u-ziq and Squarepusher fighting each other at the mixing desk,” our insider said.

‘How To Disappear Completely’ stands out as an obvious single, while ‘Idioteque’ is reminiscent of Daft Punk or Air. Predictably, ‘Optimistic’ is “anything but”, they said.

Our undercover scribbler also revealed that the album artwork features snow-capped mountains, but was unfortunately unable to smuggle any pictures out.

More playbacks of ‘Kid A’ – which is released on October 2 through Parolophone in the UK – are being held tomorrow for a handful of lucky fans who won a competition to be among the first in the world to hear the album. They will hear the LP at another series of secret playback sessions in north London tomorrow (August 17). will be there again to bring you more news about ‘Kid A’ – but we want to know what Radiohead‘s fans think about it.

So if you are a competition winner going to a playback of ‘Kid A’ tomorrow and would like to tell the world what it sounds like, [url=]Click here…

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