The band will have a lost a bit of sleep over the name of their fifth album...

The fifth RADIOHEAD album will be called ‘AMNESIAC’, and will be released in March or April 2001.

According to Internet reports, the album title was announced on Radio 1 last night (December 11). The band performed a live session for the station, as well as a later live DJ set from Thom Yorke, Jonny and Colin Greenwood for Mary Ann Hobbs’ influential ‘Breezeblock’ show.

Speaking previously to NME.COM about the new record, bassist Colin Greenwood said: “We’re very happy about it, really excited “, while in a recent interview in the US, Thom Yorke said ‘Amnesiac’: “goes off in two ways. One is like broken machinery. The other is really fat and dark.”


It is thought that the album will consist of songs that emerged during sessions for ‘Kid A’, as well as some completely new tracks.

From the Radiohead Radio 1 sessions, an MP3 of ‘The National Anthem’ can be found by [url=]clicking here….

Meanwhile, a set list from the DJ set will be posted on the Radio 1 website, [url=] later today.

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