The Radiohead star continues his prolonged assault on the institutions over third world debt repayment...

THOM YORKE has slammed the “grey haired buffoons” of the WORLD BANK and INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND – claiming that although the UK Government has cancelled debt repayments from many of the world’s poorest nations, “some countries will end up paying more”.

UK Chancellor Gordon Brown told a Jubilee 2000 rally in London (December 2) that debt repayments to the UK from approximately 40 poor nations, including Cameroon, Tanzania and Mozambique would be wiped clean – or retained in trust funds where they would be returned once those countries reached certain conditions.

However, speaking on the Radiohead question forum [url=] Yorke said: “It turns out that although the G7 (of industrialised nations) has effectively cancelled its debts, which is great and everything and Gordon is wonderful and everything – that some countries will end up paying more than they were before.


“Why? Because those grey haired buffoons in the World Bank and IMF who also have billions owed to them by the same poor countries are insisting that their remaining debts absolutely must be paid. It’s bloody complicated and you have to be a qualified economist to understand what the fuck it all means.

“The way I look at it, the IMF and WB are there to hide the will of their majority shareholders, ie, the G7. The will of the G7 is to keep in place debts for political and economic reasons, to maintain trade tariffs against these countries to ensure that they cannot develop any other way than that stipulated by the West. This is still a crime against humanity…”

Yorke refers to the Drop The Debt website, which claims Zambia, who are due to be considered for debt cancellation, may have their payments increased.

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