The follow-up to OK Computer is now being mixed, as the band prepare themselves for their forthcoming European tour...

Radiohead have completed the recording of their new album and are now beginning to mix and arrange tracklisting, as well as rehearsing for their upcoming tour.

Thom Yorke revealed the news speaking through the band’s official website [url=]

He said, “Yesterday (April 18) we finished recording. I am free and happy and now I’m going for a walk in the park. Goodbye.”

In a posting a few days before, Ed O’Brien had revealed in his online diary that Nigel Godrich, the producer of the group’s 1997 album ‘OK Computer’, was about to begin mixing the follow-up, and that Radiohead will begin rehearsals for their live set tomorrow (April 26). He confessed the band are presently at a loss as to “how the fuck we’re going to put most of these songs over live”, and warned fans not to hold their breath for a final release.

He added, “If we’re consistent in our behavioural patterns, then you might finally hear something in the autumn of 2001 after arguments over track-listing, running orders, etc.”

He compared choosing trackslisting to horse-trading and blamed badly picked running order for the generally accepted poor quailty of Radiohead‘s first album ‘Pablo Honey’.

O’Brien also had a good-natured swipe at what he viewed as recent press intrusion into the everyday affairs of Radiohead members.

“There’s been a couple of articles recently in the press speculating what’s up with us,” he said, “The one in Melody Maker sent a journo down to Oxford to snoop round. He or she was apparently outside each of our houses on a kind of indie ‘stakeout’ and the piece ultimately was very flattering. But you know this is a non-story. Yes, we go food shopping and fucking hell, would you believe it, we actually walk down the street in broad daylight and what’s more we’ve been known to sometimes break into a smile. All we’ve ever claimed is that the records will be different. Anyway, if the truth be told we don’t actually know.”

In a playful challenge reminiscent of Robbie Williams‘ and Liam Gallagher‘s recent stand-off, Yorke said he had to sign off before he offered the journalist outside for “a handbags at dawn duel”.

There was no mention of Yorke’s recent work with Bjvrk or the mooted collaboration with PJ Harvey, nor was there any indication if ‘There, There’, a track previewed in a recent webcast, would be included on the album.

Radiohead kick off an extensive European and Israeli tour on June 13 in Arles, France. Their headlining show at Scott Walker‘s Meltdown Festival in London’s Royal Festival Hall on July 1 sold out some time ago.

The full dates are as follows: Arles, France, Theatre Antique d’Arles (June 13)Vaison La Romaine, France, Theatre Antique d’Vaison (14)Barcelona, Spain, Teatro Tivoli (15)Frejus, France, Arenes d’Frejus (17) Milan, Italy, Villa Reale (18/19)Florence, Italy, Piazza Santa Croce (21/22)Thessaloniki, Greece, Earth Theatre (25) Athens, Greece, Lycabetus Theatre (26/27)Paris, France, La Grand Rex (30)London, UK, Royal Festival Hall (July 1)Berlin, Germany, SFB Sendesall (4)Tel Aviv, Israel, Cinerama (7/8) Caesaria, Israel, Old Roman Amphitheatre (9)